Aspen’s Place Recording

Aspen’s Place Recording is a turnkey vintage/modern hybrid recording studio dedicated to producing “Old School,” multi-track recordings; the full band, live, the way records were made in the Golden Years of Rock and Soul, using a combination of vintage and state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Aspen’s Place Recording offers the best of both worlds logistically, as well; our “old school” live tracking studio is in a small town atmosphere just 20 minutes from Hollywood and 35 minutes from LAX, and at a fraction of the price you’d pay “over the hill” in Hollywood or the beach. We also offer full-service video and audio production capacity.


Aspen’s Place Recording is pleased to offer the services of studio veteran Brian Ascenzo, who will be made available for clients as needed. Brian is an an engineer, producer and educator of over 35 years experience and an accomplished musician, performing on multiple instruments. He has many varied credits, and his vast experience includes all forms of audio production and formats, shooting, directing and editing video, sound design, musical arranging and music scoring. He has mixed commercials for many national corporations such as Mcdonalds, Bombardier, Chris Craft, and product films for Suzuki, KC Aviation and many local clients. Other credits include infomercial soundtracks, documentaries and short films.


Our studio is built on the historic site of the original Groove Tubes factory located in San Fernando, California. This is the facility where our founder/owner, Aspen Pittman, actually designed and manufactured vacuum tubes and vacuum tube audio products for over 30 years until he sold the GT Company to Fender Musical Instruments in 2008. The Groove Tubes building has since been remodeled to house a classic car restoration shop in the rear, and Aspen’s Place Recording in the front.

Aspen’s Place Recording offers a classic “Big Room” recording environment, much like what an artist would have experienced in the Golden Age of Rock and Soul recording.

Our “Big” main room, measures 45’ x 17′ with a 12’ ceiling, and an isolation closet for recording a pair of smaller combo guitar amps.

The main room has been carefully acoustically designed for its balance of ‘live’ and ‘dead’ areas, and has 20 specially-designed Bruce Black (Media Rooms Technology) multi-surfaced Gobos which offer diffusing or absorbing surfaces and can be stacked to form an iso room if needed. We can quickly set up a many configurations with these amazingly adaptive Gobos.

Our Isolation/Drum booth is a 16′ by 12′ acoustic gem. Again, featuring Bruce Black’s unique diffusers, this fully floated room boasts a cloud and a curtain, for those times that a completely dead room is required. The natural ambience is perfect for drums, horns, guitars and vocals.

Our “Control” room has been acoustically designed for an optimum listening environment with the help of Bruce Black and also features Bruce’s own custom made wood dispersion gobos fully lining the rear wall behind the console. The monitors include near-field, the new, highly acclaimed JBL 308 Series, surround monitoring via five (5) JBL LSR4623Ps, and for our bigger-than-life mid-fields we have a pair of vintage McIntosh MC60 mono block amps driving a pair of 70’s vintage UREI 809 monitors with JBL co-ax speakers (the only co-ax speakers ever offered by JBL). The near-fields are tight and detailed, and the mid-field system is breathtakingly BIG, yet smooth as silk. The surround is highly accurate.

Rather than a traditional mixing board. APR tracks directly through up to 32 channels of premium Class A tube mic-preamps- the GrooveTubes ViPre single channel (9) and the two-channel SuPre (28 channels), as well as many GT ‘Brick’s-tube mic pre /direct boxes. Eight (8) all-tube Glory Compressors and eight (8) variable-Q all-tube EQs add versatility and control without losing that precious tube warmth.

Digital gear includes: Avid ProTools HD v. 10.1, (2) Avid HD I/O 16 channel audio interfaces (32 channels), Lexicon MX400 Surround Reverb, Alesis Masterlink. Plugins available are Waves, Drumagog, Melodyne, Ivory pianos, Quantum Leap Gold Orchestra and Altiverb 7.

Our studio complex includes several smaller ISO recording options as well as a fully furnished “Green Room” with living room, a bathroom with shower, washer-dryer, kitchenette and dining area for relaxing between takes or just freshening up before (or after) a night out.

The studio boasts a vintage house 5-piece drum kit- Ludwig 1971, and a 1955 Steinway upright grand piano. Select pieces from Aspen’s extensive collection of guitars, amps and exotic instruments are available for use in the studio. An equally impressive microphone collection rounds out the scene, with many of the world’s most highly sought vintage mics and a rare full compliment of GrooveTubes microphones.

In addition to an astonishing amount of classic, vintage and tube gear, Aspen’s Place may also be the studio with the most lava lamps, with 28 of them gently and undulatingly lighting our sessions.

Aspen’s Place Recording has a fully furnished electronics repair and creative development room, with a vast assortment of vintage tubes for repair or just experimenting with your amp’s tone.

We also offer: Post Production audio, scoring and editing; Surround and stereo mixing for music, video and TV; and high-def recording for dvd-audio.


And don’t forget the assortment of classic cars and auto accessories in the rear of Aspen’s Place, you can check out the restoration process during your breaks!

There are several restaurants within a short walk or drive including sushi, BBQ and, of course, the best Mexican food in LA. (Ask anyone about City of San Fernando, the home of Caesar Chavez!).

We are located a short distance from the Sylmar/San Fernando Metro-link station and we’er a mile up the road from the world famous J.B. Nethercutt Auto Museum.
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